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At Legal Wheels, we pride ourselves on constant dedication and utmost professionalism in fulfilling documentation services. Each member of our knowledgeable Legal Wheels team offers years of expertise in the fields of process service, legal filings and deliveries, general courier, regulatory office and court record search and document retrieval, trial court setup, facility management and many other areas. In fact, most of our staff are Certified Process Servers, Bonded Legal Couriers and Notary Publics. We’re known for our familiarity with the state and federal court systems (and its employees), for our proficiency in process service, and for our immediate response to critical documentation and courier needs. And, our services are available around the clock 24 hours a day 365 days a year, throughout the Raleigh area and greater North Carolina, as well as serving the Mid Atlantic Region.

For each request, we assign a dedicated Legal Wheels representative to work alongside your firm, giving you accountability and updates along the way. And because we consistently represent you in a manner you’d expect of your own employees, you can trust us to do the job correctly every time. Enabling you to keep your firm’s hours billable while still getting the documentation completed in a way that meets your strict standards. Try Raleigh’s Number One Legal Courier service today – you will be glad you did!